Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anybody want to move to NYC with me?

As most of you know, I'm now working with a large practice in NYC, but, prior to that, was with a large practice in NJ. Throughout the 4 months I've been with the NYC clinic, I've observed something interesting, but, it was confirmed to me yesterday.

Plus-sized women in NYC do not experience infertility.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Let me elaborate.

In the NJ practice waiting room, you would see women of all shapes and sizes = short, tall, slender, zaftig, etc...

From the day I entered the waiting room of NYC clinic, I noticed something different. Every woman in that waiting room was thin and beautiful! I would sit in my chair and watch them come off the elevator and, I swear, one was more modelesque than the next!

Cut to my retrieval yesterday.

Quick story break - We got 5 eggs, which is 1 more than I've ever had, so, we're pretty happy. We'll find out how many were good and fertilized later today, but, I already feel a little ahead in the race.

Anyway, this practice does their retrievals across the street at the hospital, where everyone scheduled for the day comes into the same waiting room and an attendant gives you a brown paper bag with your attire for the day already in it. When we got there, the attendant took me into the back to show me where to change and asked if I'd like a larger gown. Having observed that the models in the waiting room who were already changed were wearing scrub pants that looked like they had been tailored for their size 4 frames, I quickly agreed. By the way, even without makeup, they all still looked gorgeous, like they were waiting to get their hair and makeup done for a runway show.

Anyway, she told me it would take a few minutes because, and I quote (she was very nice, by the way!!), "I'm not sure where they keep the larger gowns because we get someone over a size 14 in here maybe once a month!"

Really?? Maybe once a month??

So, I conclude, plus-sized women don't experience infertility in NYC.

OK, so maybe my logic is tad flawed, but, I'm willing to move to the city to test it out. Does anyone want to join me?! ;-)


Leah said...

There are none in Austin either. I've had so many people tell me that being overweight=infertility. But I can tell you, I've never seen anyone even close to my size 16 body in there. I've commented on that MANY times. Makes you wonder, huh?

Sassy said...

Wow. I wonder where all the normal people go.

Anonymous said...

well I did if treatment in NYC & damn - where is my modelesqe body & perfect hair & instant weight loss? Maybe it's 'cause I live in NJ...hruph. EVERYTHING CROSSED!


Ariella said...

I'll be honest and in the Bay Area of San Francisco, CA there are few of us too, or at least fewer than I would exspect.

Christi said...

I hope you are right about the lupron. My feet have been so swollen for weeks now, It'd be so nice to be getting rid of the fluid! Although, getting up 2x each night is getting old. ;) I need some sleep!!

I'm sorry to hear about your embies, I saw your post on the nest. I'm hoping these two do the very best!!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Can I come too? But then again I feel the same when I wait in my NJ Waiting room.

Cathy said...

I hear ya Lisa!! I'll move with you to NYC! Just wait until you see how limited your maternity options are! Excellent news on the retrieval - I am praying for you guys and I really believe this is your cycle.


Kami said...

First of all, good luck with this cycle!

None in Spokane either. I have always believed that my RE tells overweight women to lose weight first. Perhaps I have been too hard on him.

Kami said...

OH! I forgot to say - I used quite a bit of your poem for my infertility psalm. I thought I was taking it more exactly, but when I went back to read it, I remembered it wrong. Thanks for the inspiration!

Emily said...

LOL! My last clinic was like that and my new clinic has all shapes and sizes. Sean and I joke that my old RE was hard on us, so all the plus sized ladies moved over to my new clinic. ;) In general, I find NYC and Las Vegas to be intimidating - home of the beautiful people.

GL with this cycle. I have a good feeling. I hope that these 2 are the "ones"!


shiner said...

Congrats on the 5 eggs, that is wonderful! I have always seen a nice mix at my clinic - I think that would freak me out. You have a great attitude. I'm praying you're okay...a little worried no follow up post.(((hugs)))

Dagny said...

Congrats on the eggies!!! Way to go!!!!! I'm very excited for you. :D

And that would have freaked me out. I don't think I would have been able to handle all the pretty people. LOL

Can't wait to hear your fert report.


Bee Cee said...

I'll come with you!!

Great news on the ER, i hoping for a great fert report.

Thanks for the tag! I will of course post with my responses.

Take care x

Beautiful Mess said...

I'll move to NYC with ya, can we go shopping while were there, too? :-D YAY for 5 eggs, your in my positive thoughts, as always!

Ms Heathen said...

Glad to hear that you have good news to report following retrieval... but sorry to hear about the attendant's insensitive comments with regard to the gown.

Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you on this cycle.

Nina said...

It's just that the husbands of plus-size-non-trophy wives by manhattan standards does not always have that thousands to pay for cycling :-) I've been at the same gorgeous ER place as you and I was that "once a month size 14" on 9/29/07. The cycle did not work.