Tuesday, May 5, 2009

40, pregnant, and living in my parents basement

I am pleased to say that this is not the case for me!

As you may remember, we sold our old house, but, had a 6 week lag before closing on our new house, during which we were staying with my parents, living in the basement. And, as you also know, I finally got pregnant during that time period.

Well, I am pleased to report the following:
  • We closed on our new house on Friday and moved in yesterday (Monday)!
  • I am still pregnant!!
  • Today, May 5, Cinco de Mayo, I turned 40.

Let's explore each separately.

As you may remember, it took us 16 months to sell our old house, but, the whole long, crazy, loop has now closed and we are living in our new house! I had Verizon here for 10 hours today, but, they finally got our Fios hooked up and I am now back online (and have a lot of blogs to catch up with!)! So, I missed the 40, pregnant, and living with my parents by just a couple of days, but, I missed it!

I am still beautifully pregnant! Yesterday's ultrasound found a 7w5d old baby with a strong heartbeat of 161bpm. In fact, the doctor in the AM released me. I graduated!! OK, I got a call from my nurse in the afternoon rescinding that (what, was I a few credits short? I've been attending early morning sessions for a long time!), not because there was anything wrong, but, because my doctor wants to be a bit more cautious with me and is bringing me back one more week before releasing me, which I'm more than OK with.

And, yes, today is my 40th birthday. I typically don't have a problem with ages, but, I've been struggling with this one for a while. The thought of turning 40 and still not being pregnant after all we've been through...well....I don't think I have to expand on that. In fact, our first RE appointment was on May 5, 2006, my 37th birthday, so, each birthday since has been a reminder of how long we'd been actively cycling and a fear that it would never end. But, obviously, those fears have been assuaged, at least for the time being, and I was truly able to enjoy entering this next decade in my life.

They say the 40's are the new 30's, right?!


~Jess said...

YAY for all the great news! Happy birthday ( a day late )!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday! And I'm so glad to hear that your little one is doing so well! (And that the house is settled into!)

IVF 40+ said...

belated happy birthday. And so wonderful about the peanut! over 7 weeks. Wow, can you believe it.
Hope you had a lovely day yesterday, the best year ever and lots of lovely pregnancy moments,

stillhopeful said...

Congrats!! A whole bunch of exciting milestones - what a great time for you! I turned 40 and traded in the townhouse for a house last year, so I'm just a year behind in getting pregnant!! Did they re-test your TSH? Did the Synthroid bring it down?

Christi said...

Happy Birthday Momma! next birthday, your little one will be here... can't wait!

Polly Gamwich said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a day late and a margarita short ;-) ... I am SO glad to hear that your little bean is doing so well! And I thought your comment about not getting enough credits was totally cute and funny - thanks for the smile!

Looking forward to next week's wonderful report!

Dagny said...

Happy Birthday Mama!!!!!


Emily said...

Such good news! happy, happy birthday my dear! congrats on the new house. sounds like your re is a keeper :) too bad we have to leave their safety and security behind.

i just know 40 is going to be your best year yet!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! Happy new home! And happy pregnancy!! Yippee!!!
- Kristin

Kami said...

Happy (pregnant) 40th!!!!

Linda said...

Wait, I heard the 40s are the new 20s! ;-) Happy Birthday Lisa! Enjoy settling into your new home and that precious babe that's growing!!

Ariella said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on the new house! And YA for turning 40 and being pg!

Molly said...

Sounds like life is very good-a healthy pregnancy, a new house in which to raise your child and create wonderful memories and the start of a new decade. Congratulations on hitting the trifecta.