Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Conversations

Sorry I haven't been around (and, I'm so behind on reading blogs - I swear, I will catch up!). Last week was insane and, this week, Glenn and I are at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland and I've been offline for a couple of days. We have a business (in addition to our full time jobs) dealing in sports and Americana antiques and collectibles, primarily 18th century stuff. Yes, I married into it, but, honestly, it's pretty cool, especially if you like history.

And, this year, watching Glenn tell people he's known in the sports collectibles world for a long time that we're expecting has been such a joy!

Anyway, this is a week-long show that we do every year and while I'm taking it very easy, I'm finding that it's much harder on my body now that I'm 20 weeks pregnant. My back hurts from the hard chairs and my feet and legs hurt from the hard convention hall floor.

Oh, and yes, I just kind of slipped that in. I am 20 weeks pregnant this week. Halfway there!!!! Our big ultrasound is next week. I can't wait! I just want to know that everything is OK, you know?

Anyway, as you all know, I am very open about my infertility and the struggle we've gone through to get to this point. And, as a result, it's amazing how many people I meet who have or are currently struggling with the same. A chance meeting in the women's aisle at the supermarket led to a conversation about ovulation predictor strips and day 21 testing. Talking with my hairdresser while he was coloring my hair led to a discussion with another patron who has 6 year old twins from donor eggs. I've had infertility conversations at the bank, on a plane, in the dentist's office, and in Best Buy. And, it happened again today.

As you would imagine, men outnumber women at the Sports Collectors Convention by, well, by a lot. But, as chance would have it, our booth ended up next to the booth of another couple, married just 2 years. They deal the same kind of stuff we do (there aren't that many 18th century dealers out there) and the husband and Glenn knew of one another but had never met.

Anyway, today, the wife and I were talking about our work and she asked if I like mine. This led me to make a comment about how I do enjoy what I do, but, we've been trying to have a baby for a long time and that would result in changes in our life that would impact work. And, just like that, it happened again. She opened up that they were experiencing IF, too and, in fact, this is her first month on clomid. We then talked for a long time about the different procedures we've been through and those I hope she never has to go through. I loved being able to give her hope, as I shared all of the success stories I know.

Random conversations. How powerful they can be.


Beautiful Mess said...

How great! I bet you just made that woman's day! She is probably so inspired that you opened up to her and shared your story. She is less alone and that is a beautiful thing. Good for you!

Dagny said...

First, Holy Cow!! 20 Weeks??? CRazy!!! I'm so happy!!! :D :D

And yeah, those random convo's are just strange, but I like them too.


stillhopeful said...

Congrats on the 20 weeks, that's awesome!! My big u/s is next week, too. From what I've heard, it's pretty amazing!

Michele said...

Yay 20 weeks! That is awesome!!!

Emily said...

1/2 way!!! Wahooooo!! What an exciting milestone.

I like those random conversations as well - you never know where you will find a "sister" and who you may be helping.

Hope it was a good convention. Can't wait for your u/s!

Christi said...

yay for 20 weeks! sorry I have been MIA in the blog world as well, been kinda busy. ;)