Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shopping is fun!

As I said in my last post, we found and ordered nursery furniture!! Of course, since then, I've been worried again about something going wrong, but, I'll elaborate on that later. But, for now, I've decided that I'm not going to let my fears stop me!

My mom, aunt, and I went shopping two weeks ago and had an absolutely wonderful time!! My mom made it very clear, way before we were pregnant, that she and my dad wanted to buy the nursery furniture when the time came. Who could turn down an offer like that? LOL, seriously, Glenn and I are so very grateful to my parents for this and for all that they do for us (while we were out shopping, my dad was helping Glenn and his brother hang shelves to set-up our home office in our basement - OK, let's be real here, Glenn and his brother were watching my dad do it!!).

A few weeks ago, my aunt asked if I was going to put a rocker of some kind in the room and, if so, she wanted to buy that for us. Seriously, how lucky can a girl be to have family like this??!!

So, off we went, with a list of places to go. Well, it took all of one stop and we found everything we wanted!

The furniture is from Ragazzi's Mirella collection and I absolutely love it!!!

And, this is the chair. It's a glider recliner and will be very close to the raspberry color below, with a sort of a pink on pink texture and no piping.

Per Jewish custom, we will not have anything delivered to the house until after she's born, but, I cannot wait to see it all together!!

As I said, it was such a lovely day for my mom and aunt and I to share. Thank you so much mom and dad and Aunt Shelly!!

Unfortunately, a certain individual gave us a lot of grief at the end of the day for not being included in the decisions around what furniture would be in MY daughter's room in MY house (for the record, while my mom and aunt gave their opinions, it was my decision) and, although I firmly believe that there was absolutely no reason for this person to be involved and I don't feel guilty for not including her, she somehow managed to make the day end on a very sour note for me.

Oh well.....I can't please everyone (although I keep trying....).


Emily said...

Oh Lisa! Congratulations! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set. I was so torn between this set and the one we bought. I still second guess myself sometimes. I cannot wait to see photos. I just know it is going to be gorgeous!

Michele said...

Yay! Lovely furniture!

As to the sourpuss... It's YOUR baby and YOUR house and YOUR furniture. Enjoy the day of picking it out. You dont need to please everyone all the time. And, if they get really sour, blame the pregnancy hormones!

theworms said...

I love the furniture.

It's going to look so beautiful :)

I'm sorry someone tried to make you feel bad about it - screw them.

nishkanu said...

Oh, I love that chair! If only I had room in the nursery I would sneak out and buy the exact same one. As is I think we are going to have to go for a more miniature style.

Linda said...

BEAUTIFUL furniture Lisa!!!!