Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go to sleep!!

Whoever said that pregnancy-induced insomnia is supposed to prepare you for being up at all hours of the night was a big liar! Huge liar!! There is nothing that can prepare you for lack of sleep!!

I really can't complain. Alana sleeps great - from 3:00am to 7:00 or 8:00am. She also tends to sleep great around 10:00 in the morning (when, of course, mommy should take a nap, but, has yet to). When she doesn't/won't/can't sleep is anywhere between the hours of 7:00pm and 3:00am! I keep trying different things, but, no matter what I do, she just cannot fall asleep during these hours. OK, that's not entirely true. She can, sometimes, fall asleep. She just cannot STAY asleep!

Right now, at 1:00 in the morning, she is in her swing, looking around. But, at least she is quiet! Hopefully she'll fall asleep within the next half hour or so and I'll be able to carry her upstairs and, again, hopefully, she'll stay asleep. Until it's time to eat again in about 2 hours....

As Glenn says, she's lucky she's so cute!!

Oh, and guess who celebrated her one month birthday on Saturday?!

But, I think she quickly grew tired of mommy's photo shoot...


Lauren said...

OMG Lisa, she's SO beautiful!

And you're right - there is NO preparation for that. ;) What if you left her in the swing to sleep for a stretch?

But what a cutie!

(by the way, this is laki from the nest)

stillhopeful said...

She is sooo cute! Yeah, the lack of sleep is tough... I'm lucky to get 2 sets of 3 hours between midnite and 8am from her. Sadly, though, I usually can't fall asleep the second time...

Robin said...

Oh, I hear you on this one! Maybe we should be calling each other to chat at 2 am? Chances are, I am up too! :)
Great pix. She really is adorable.

Anonymous said...

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Dagny said...

the sight of her brings tears to my

Congrats again Lisa, and I hope you get some sleep soon. ;)

Michele said...

she is such a cutie!!! they eventually sleep. I promise.

nishkanu said...

One month already!! Time flies. She is SO cute. I love the ornery look.

Anonymous said...

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~Jess said...

She is a beauty! I love ALL of those pictures of her.

Hopefully the sleeping gets better.

Wishing 4 One said...

OMG Lisa she is amazing! A-mazing!

Just beautiful! I am going to vote now.

Um how cute is that pink chair, throw and her outfit, was that chair bought specially for her? Love it!!!

Wishing 4 One said...

Opps, as usual I was too late to vote, Great photographer, great site though wow!!!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable!!! Can't believe it's one month already!

Christi said...

she's so cute!!

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