Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A couple of answers

So, people have been asking me why we're going for a third opinion. When we decided to go for a second opinion, in March '07, I really thought that, if we got confirmation from a second clinic that I really did have ovarian reserve issues and that Dr. Hope from Clinic A was doing all that could be done, I could be comfortable and accept that everything that could be done was being done. And, we got that confirmation, went back to Dr. Hope, and put our names on the donor egg list.

Then I got pregnant.....then I miscarried....and everything changed.

I still believe that low ovarian reserve is the correct diagnosis. Dr. Expert, at Clinic C, is the well-documented expert in ovarian reserve issues. We'll see what he has to say about me on May 1st. But, I hope that explains why we're going for a 3rd opinion.

Another question we get asked somewhat often (more often than appropriate, frankly) is why we haven't pursued adoption yet. The operative word here is yet. The reason is kind of silly. The first step in the adoption process is a home study and, if we did one in the townhouse and then moved, we would have to re-do it. So, we decided to wait until we moved. Who knew our house would be on the market this long??

For everyone who has asked (and, thank you for asking!), Glenn is doing great. Today was Tax Day - a miserable day for many but a happy day for the family of a tax guy. This year I'm even happier to reach Tax Day because now it means that Glenn can take it a little easier. Honestly, he is feeling great and doing so well and, unless you knew about the heart attack, you really would have no idea from seeing him and talking with him. But, I'm still glad he gets to take it a little easier now.

And that ends the question and answer portion of this blog.....for today!

Oh, and since some of you asked, my birthday is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo!


Dagny said...

Well, I get to see my neurosurgeon on May 1st to see if I need back surgery, so I guess it will be a big day for us both!!

I'll be thinking about you!

Familyof2 said...

Hey it was my THIRD opinion that finally got me pregnant! We miscarried, but he got us pregnant...well my husband did...but you get the idea. So I say go for the third, fourth or fifth opinion...only you will know when its time to stop!