Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No place is safe, and that's OK....sorta

For those who don't know, I sing with a Yiddish chorus in NYC.

Shameless plug - our annual concert is coming up on Sunday, June 1st at Symphony Space in the city. If anyone local is interested in experiencing a culturally different music event than you've probably ever experienced before, let me know! Click here to check out our website!

Anyway, as you might expect, the chorus is composed of people of all ages, but, trends towards the "kids are already out of the house" generation (although we have had a resurgence of 20 somethings!). We rehearse on Monday evenings (so, last night) and, given the population, you would expect to not see many young kids at rehearsal.

Before I go on, I have to say that I absolutely love being around kids. Even though it sometimes feels like my heart is going to stop because the ache is so bad and I can't control the welling of the tears, I'm still drawn to the under-10 crowd and, interestingly, they are usually drawn to me. Ask my family - the adults will sit around the table talking while I'm usually on the floor playing with the kids, after being dragged from the table by one or two of them.

So, you can see where this is going. One of our members brought his daughter to rehearsal last night. Although it's hard for me, I actually love when there are unexpected kids at what otherwise should be a safe place - like when someone brings their child to work. Boy, am I a contradiction - I love it, even though it makes me sad. Maybe "glutton for punishment" is a better description.

She was around 4. She was in a pretty little dress and had ponytails. She was absolutely adorable. She sat right next to me. We "flirted" throughout rehearsal. She drew me a picture of a flower.

And then I cried on my way home because I realized that the only really safe place is home, the one place I want to see kids more than any other.


Bee Cee said...

That story brought tears to my eyes. I hope you get your baby at home soon.

Happy belated birthday and hope the concert goes well in June. If I wasnt a few thousand miles away I would come!

Dagny said...


I hope you get your baby soon.

And that is wonderful that you sing..I have the voice of NOT an angel..heh.

Good luck with your concert!

Pixie4199 said...

You are amazing. Your enduring spirit is inspiring. I will pray for you and for continued strength during your journey!