Thursday, June 12, 2008

My diagnosis, in numbers

Our new clinic does not accept insurance or submit anything for us, so, I was sitting here filling out the insurance forms for the $7000 we've already spent there (and, we haven't even cycled yet!!) and noticed all of the different diagnosis codes. Of course, I decided to look them all up (and, of course you all knew I would do that, didn't you?).

256.39 - Ovarian failure (VAGUE)
218.9 - Leiomyoma (fibroid) of uterus
628.8 - Infertility, female, age-related (VAGUE)
615.9 - Unspecified inflammatory disease of uterus (VAGUE)

and, my favorite:

629.81 - Habitual aborter without current pregnancy

Nothing we didn't know, but, interesting to see it spelled out.


Foreverloves said...

I read Busted Babymaker's blog (although I blog elsewhere) and had to comment about this. Habitual aborter. I've never heard anything so awful sounding in my life. I can see why it's your "favorite".

Ugh. Sorry.

Cheryl said...

People should read this.