Sunday, August 10, 2008

And, we're off!

I just put my first estrogen patch on my abdomen.

Irrational Fear #1 - the picture on the pamphlet that comes with the patches shows a woman with a cute little shape and flat stomach. Will the estrogen be able to successfully work its way through the roll of fat on my stomach??

Right on the package, it warns that the patch may cause dizziness.

Irrational Fear #2 - I'm out, running errands, and suddenly everything starts to spin. Funny, considering irrational fear #1 is that the patch won't even seep through the fat.

Regardless, I'm going to stay around the house today.

Next step - endometrial biopsy on Tuesday.

Irrational Fear #3 - I'm having MAJOR PMS. As Glenn will attest to, I've been a tad bitchy the last couple of days. My body has been really off this cycle. What if I get my period before the biopsy on Tuesday? If that happens, they won't be able to do it and we'll have to push everything back.....which leads to:

Irrational Fear #4 - what if I don't get my period on time. Again, my body was off this cycle. What if my period comes later than expected? Than, we'll be off timing from the estrogen patches and ganirelix shots I have to take tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday, again, causing us to have to delay.

I will freely admit that, given my level of bitchiness, irrational fear #4 is highly unlikely! She's-a-comin', just, hopefully, not too early.

Glenn just asked me if we are still looking at retrieval around Labor Day weekend. While, yes, in theory, that's when it would most likely be:

Rational Fear #1 - we've been here before. I've had 2 cancelled cycles because of low production, so, I don't take anything for granted. For me, it's one step at a time. Let's get past all of my irrational fears, begin stimming, and hope and pray that my response is decent enough to keep going.

One step at a time....


Dagny said...


Hang in there.


Linda said...

You've been waiting so long to get this cycle going that I think all of your fears are rational. Just try and breathe and take the cycle one day a time. Good luck Lisa!!!!

Anonymous said...

One Step and deep breathes!

Beautiful Mess said...

*new to your blog* I'm wishing you lots of luck and lots of even more great days! I've enjoyed reading your blog, thank you so much!

Ariella said...

Hang in there girl. If you let me know just what to pray/send positive energy for I will.

As for all the worry, I can't help with that. I am a worrier too. GL this cycle!!!

bleu said...

I have a huge fat belly and the patches work great in spite of it. Sometimes I put them on my back though just because flat can be easier.

I also think once the estrogen kicks up you will feel happier, it is such a happy hormone, lack of it before periods and in menopause are the main cause of bitchiness many times. I am always sooo looking forward to estrogen patches to start when cycling because I know I will be in a good mood.

Good luck!!!

Ms Heathen said...

Having had a cancelled cycle myself, I can really relate to your fear that you may not be able to proceed this time round. I am hoping as hard as I can that this doesn't happen, and that this new protocol may make the difference for you.

As you say, sometimes all we can do is take things one injection at a time, one scan at a time.


Kate said...

All fears are rational. Hang in there. I am anxiously watching your process. GL!!!