Monday, December 29, 2008

The youngest kid at the dinner table

My baby brother turned 30 today. 3-0! Unbelievable!

I've written before that, while some people didn't know they wanted to be a parent until they were older, I've known since I was very young. See, I was almost 10 when he was born. And, those who knew me back then will attest to the fact that I was a very mature kid (both physically and emotionally), very close with my baby brother, and very much like a little mother to him. I have felt that maternal, nurturing instinct since then which, for me, makes my struggle with infertility even more difficult.

And, yes, if you've done the math, you've already figured out that his 30th birthday begins my countdown to 40. Numbers have never meant much to me, but, approaching 40 without being any closer to being a mother is a tough pill to swallow. I guess we'll see what happens in the next 5 months....

Back to my brother. In his teens and 20's, to my great distress, we didn't have a great relationship, for various reasons that he has finally grown out of over the last few years. He is now so much closer with Glenn and I, something I am extremely grateful for.

Now that he is 30, I think he is more than ready to not be the baby in the family. Happy Birthday Michael, and, I'm sorry, but despite how hard I've tried, I've yet to relieve you of that title.


the Babychaser: said...

The youngest kid at our Christmas table is my husband. That's why we had to run away from the Christmas table this year.

(Sigh. I wish I was close to my little bro (8 years younger than me). I haven't seen him in years.)

Dagny said...

Happy Birthday to your bro.


And yeah, I wish my brother didn't hate me....stupid families. I'm glad you have gotten closer over the years. :)