Friday, February 6, 2009

Come one, come all

I love writing this blog and I love that people actually care about my life and want to read it! But, as we (the blogging community as a whole) become more open with access to our blogs and our lives, I realize that, occasionally, some of us may feel constrained as to what we can write because of certain people we've let into our lives.

Did you ever really want to blog about something but you don't want someone you know reads your blog to see it?
  • Your mother (don't get paranoid, Mom!)
  • Your boss
  • Your old high school friend

But, as most bloggers will agree , there's a level of therapy that comes from putting fingers to keyboard and getting things out and not being able to do that is rough.

So, I'm opening my blog up next week to anyone who really wants to write and publish something, but, doesn't want to do it in their own blog. It could be a complaint. It could be something you don't want certain eyes to see - negative or positive. Perhaps you are planning a party for someone and want to ask a question, but, don't want that person to see it.

Send me an email with what you want posted and whether or not you want it to be anonymous and I'll post it for you!

If nobody sends me anything, great - it means we're all comfortable to post anything we want, but, somehow, I suspect many feel that constraint occasionally!


stacey said...

Think I'll be sending you an e-mail!

Emily said...

Great idea! Sorry we are missing each other this weekend! Next time!

Anonymous said...

Sort sounds like PostSecret for bloggers!

Sasha & Mark said...

Cool idea! There are a few things I need to get off my chest...

I actually had a private IF blog because I never felt like I could be honest with my emotions on my public blog. You all are brave for putting everything out there!

Kami said...

I have been thinking about doing a post concerning my RE's HUGE, very nice house . . . that he gets rich off of our HUGE debt.

I know someone from my clinic reads my blog. I will take you up on it.