Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Um, important things you should be told!

Glenn had a repeat nuclear stress test yesterday. Everything is fine!! Well, almost everything.

We use a hospital in NYC for his procedures. While he was in the test, I was in the lobby working. When I realized that he was much later than we thought he would be, I packed up my laptop and headed up to the cath lab. I inquired as to his status and the admitting nurse went to check. She came back and told me he was waiting and asked if I wanted to go back and wait with him. I said OK. Then, and thank goodness I was wearing something that made me look pregnant (because I often still don't look it at all) she asked me if I'm pregnant. When I said that I am, she told me that I can't be around him! Whhhaaattt???

I called his cardiologist and didn't get a straight answer out of him (who, by the way, knew I was pregnant). I called my OB and they didn't know how long we needed to apart, but, did say I couldn't be near him. Finally, I called my dad (my parents were our saviours yesterday!!), who, luckily, had just left work in the city and he came over so he could drive Glenn home. When Glenn was done with the test, he met with the doctor reviewing the results (not his doctor), who told him that, if he had known I was pregnant, he wouldn't have performed it!

He basically explained that, in 72 hours, 50% of the radiation will be out of his body. 72 hours after that, 50% of what remains will be out, and so on. He said that, to be safe, they would like to see 5 cycles of that happen before he can be in close contact with me, so, for the next two weeks, I can't be within 3 feet of my husband, which includes sleeping in the same bed!!

After the initial shock, I found the humor in this, but, now, I'm past that and I'm just furious!! What if this nurse didn't pick up on me being pregnant? How could his cardiologist order this test? How could the hospital perform it? Shouldn't there be an inquiry into whether the patient has a pregnant immediate family member as part of their standard questioning???

Now, there are definitely conflicting opinions on how much radiation he got and how long we really need to be apart. But, a cardiologist at one of the top NYC hospitals told us 2 weeks to be on the safe side, and well, we've come too far to risk not listening to him.


Andrea said...

Thank god you're not due any day now!! How awful that would be if he had to miss the birth due to a doctor's thoughtlessness.

nishkanu said...

How scarey!

Ms Heathen said...

How awful for you both!

I hope that the next two weeks passes quickly and that you'll be back in each other's arms again soon!

stillhopeful said...

Wow - that's crazy!!!

Makes you get really nervous about all the things that can slip through the cracks so easily. Thank goodness they cought you on time!

Anonymous said...

It's crazy that they don't ask that. Kind of like when we go to the dr for ANYTHING and they want to know the date of our last period. How about making that a standard question "is your wife pg"
You've got to be laughing about it, there's nothing else you can do.

Emily said...

Aw hon! That stinks for sooooo many reasons. Have fun reconnecting ;)

Dagny said...

that is crazy!!!!

and no kidding they should have known or freaking asked!!!!

I'm sorry you have to be apart for so long!

//glad he's ok though!!!


Kami said...

Geeze! I can't believe no one thought to ask either! Thanks for the PSA.

Glad all is going well in your family too!