Saturday, October 3, 2009

I am miserable

Women complain during pregnancy. It's a fact. One I have absolutely no problem with. Many women who have experienced IF feel that, once I get pregnant, I'll happily contend with all discomforts and, by gosh, I won't complain about them! Eh, I don't really agree with this. Doesn't matter to me how you got pregnant - if something is bothering you, by all means, complain away! It's your right!

That said, I have been so blessed to have an easy pregnancy (please, please knock on some wood for me!), so, I haven't really had much to complain about.

But, now I'm going to complain, although, pregnancy is only remotely related to this. I have a cold! Yep, I'm devoting a whole blog post to a stupid cold!

But, this is no ordinary cold. I am now going on day 12 of this monster. I have been in the office one day in the last nine. I even missed going to services for Yom Kippur. And, while it's finally bearable during the day, my nights are miserable! As you may recall, Glenn and I are still required to sleep separately for a few more days, which has really worked to his advantage because I am a monster at night. I have a terrible post-nasal drip that, at night, becomes awful chest congestion. I lay down and I start to convulse and choke and cough and cannot catch my breath. It's almost scary how ferociously I'm coughing (my whole abdomen hurts even to move). I keep worrying I'm going to cough so hard my water will break! I know it's completely irrational to think this, but, when you're awake at 3 in the morning for the 8th night in a row, well, who know why the mind thinks what it thinks. Any little sleep I get is in the seated position, and it's not much.

So, how is this related to pregnancy? Well, it limits what I can take. For the first week, I suffered with nothing but cough drops. I saw both the high risk and OB this week and both told me to start taking Robitussin. Helps during the day, but, you can't control the cough when you're choking from mucous overload at night (I know, TMI).

Good news is that it's clearly not the flu. No fever. No aches. Just a bad, bad cold. I just wish it would start to break up so I could get a decent night of sleep. My GP doesn't want to put me on an antibiotic, but, has agreed to see me Monday or Tuesday if it's not any better by then.

Also on the good news front, as I said, I saw both doctors this week and baby girl is doing great! On Tuesday, at 29 weeks, she was already estimated to be 3 pounds 7 ounces and was measuring a week ahead!! Oh, but I failed the 1 hour glucose test again, so, now I have to repeat the 3 hour. Hopefully I'll kick this cold soon so I can go do it this week.

I can't believe I am breathing down the neck of 30 weeks....even if that breathing includes some nasty coughing!!!


Dagny said...

Feel better soon!!!!


Dagny said...
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Dagny said...
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Dagny said...

ha, triple posted. sorry bout that!!

~Jess said...

I hear ya about the cold; after three weeks I'm still dealing with mine (it doesn't sound anywhere as miserable as your's does). Hopefully it's gone soon.

I'm glad all looked well at the doctor's office: Hopefully you pass the 3-hr *hugs*

Emily said...

I cannot believe you are still sick! You poor thing. I hope you get some relief ASAP!!!

Michele said...

Yuck! I hope you feel better soon!

stillhopeful said...

Ugghhh.... yor cold sounds miserable, you poor thing! I had a nasty sore throat (but not strep) in my first tri and both the OB and GP were in agreement to give me penicillin. I wonder why they're hesitating with you? I hope you feel better soon, though, being sick is bad enough, but sick and pregnant in the third tri - no fun at all! Thank goodness it's not the flu! And it sounds like you're getting good experience for being sleep deprived... :)

nishkanu said...

I am so sorry about your cold. I totally feel your pain, honey, I have had TWO colds in the last month. One lasted 10 days and one was a mercifully brief 3 1/2 days. Note that the people I caught them from had the colds for 5 days and 1 day respectively. So in talking about what colds have to do with pregnancy I can add two important details:
1) When you are pregnant you are immunosuppressed and hence you get MORE sick and sick for LONGER than regular people.
2) When you are in the third trimester things are already difficult enough without having a cold on top of it.

Hope you feel better soon!

Bee Cee said...

Wow can't believe you are nearly at 30 weeks - it's gone so quickly...well for me! Gee I long to be that far along!

Hope the cold goes quickly and that you and Glenn can cuddle again very soon!