Monday, March 31, 2008

Mommy Brain

I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday. I got to sing at the Jewish Chapel at West Point. It was simply awe-inspiring to be able to sing at a memorial to a wonderful man, in an absolutely beautiful chapel, in front of an audience that included current cadets.

It was in this setting that I did it again. I have this habit of mothering other people's children. And, I caught myself doing it yesterday. I had driven up with a friend from the chorus and her 8 year old son (if she's reading this, I hope she's not offended by me talking about it!). After the concert, we were in the social hall and she was speaking with some cadets and her son came over by me. I knew he wanted to talk to them but he told me he was too shy. So, I took him by the shoulder and took him (ok, you can say it....I marched him) over. As he tried to dart away, oh, I'm so embarrassed to admit this, I did the instinctive mother move of grabbing him by his collar to hold him there so he would talk to them. I don't know what came over me! My right arm just darted out and grabbed! And, I found myself saying things to the cadets like "we told him he would see soldiers" as I held tight to that collar. I'm sure it came off like a "Billy has two mommies" story!

And, I know this isn't the first time I've done something like this. So, to all the mom's who's children I've (s)mothered, accept my apology!!

It's tough sometimes having no children and an over-active Mommy Brain!


Ariella said...

I do this too. Mostly with friends and my sister's children. My sis hates it. I hope your friend wasn't bothered by it too much. It isn't like you ment anything by it.

The Infertile Mommy said...

Girl, I'm with you. I do it all the time. I try to stop though because I know not many people appreciate it. So all in all...I try to catch myself. But it doesn't help being a teacher....that also makes it part of instinct.

mrsgingergrl said...

Lisa, come over any time and 'mother' my two- I'll never be bothered by it. I'll go get a pedicure! LOL

Michelle said...

I do this too - mostly with one friend I have and my nephews. If you have that natural motherly instinct, sometimes you just can't help yourself.

Judy said...

Hey, Lisa, I wasn't the least bit bothered by it! And I'm glad you love my son enough to affectionately get him to overcome his very infrequent shyness. (He's usually fearless with his peers, but older kids and adults give him pause sometimes. He actually walked up to our Mayor yesterday and said "hello"!)

Any time you want to guide, chide or spoil my kid, go for it! (And yes, I do the same to my friends' kids, too.)