Saturday, March 29, 2008

Watch your mouth, young lady!

I found out this week that my mother and aunt love to read this blog (waving hello to Mom and Aunt Shelly!). So, I mentioned that to someone and she sort of scrunched up her nose (you know what I'm talking about) and asked me if that was weird for me. Huh? So, she elaborated. She wondered if I felt that I needed to censor what I write, knowing that it would be read by my mother and my aunt.

Um, no. My mother and aunt are smart women. They know that having sex with my husband is probably not going to get me pregnant, but, that I'm still gonna try! They know that I cry when I'm mad or when I'm sad or when I'm frustrated or, sometimes, for no real reason at all. And, they won't be upset if I just have to say "what the fuck" when something goes wrong (although, they might be a little shocked because I rarely talk like that).

So, does it bother me that they are reading this? On the contrary! I feel so blessed that they care enough to want to know what's going on in my life and love me enough to want to know how I'm feeling about it.


mrsgingergrl said...

My whole family reads mine now... and PJ's family... and pretty much everyone I know. It does censor me a little - I'd love to post a story making fun of my mom in Atlantic City or complaining about my mother in law but those are obviously OUT of the question... well, i still might make fun of my mom on there. :)

Ariella said...

That is great that you feel that way. I have to admit that I don't. I do a lot of venting in my blog and I would sensor myself if family read it. But I am very glad you feel diffrently.

Hi to Mom and Aunt Shelly!

Barbara said...

Hello! My daughter blogged thru her struggles with infertility. I admit there were times it was very hard on me and sometimes her comments hurt members of our family (we are a very close family). But I think we have worked thru any hurt - mostly on our own because the last thing we ever wanted to do was add to her pain. And, we understood how desperately she wanted a child. This whole experience has been a growing one for our entire family. Infertility doesn't just affect the infertile ones. Even though it may have been hard for me at times - I believe it was so worth it for her and thats what mattered. My prayers are with all of you still struggling.