Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seats 12

Yes, it's 12:43 in the morning and I'm a little bleary-eyed. I got pulled into a project at work today that got a little out of hand. Now, I'm stuck sitting here waiting for someone else to finish his part so I can continue on my part and he just told me it's probably going to be another hour. Great.

Anyway, I didn't get around to telling you that we had to buy a new car this weekend for Glenn. We got the Acura RDX and it's really nice. Glenn has never been an SUV fan, but, this is smaller, a crossover, and he really liked it when he drove it. And, I love it, but, I've always been an SUV girl.

So, we are a two SUV family now! And it just dawned on me that we have no children, but, ironically, room to transport 12 people. Maybe there's a football team somewhere I can volunteer to drive around.....

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The Infertile Mommy said...

LOL...that was funny. Enjoy your new car....maybe you'll be the lucky one and have sextuplets twice!