Monday, April 7, 2008

Merrily we roll along

I picked up my paperwork from Clinic A this morning. Good lord, I swear, it's like half a ream of paper. Literally, between all of the cycle status sheets, labs, tests, and comments it's hundreds of pages.

So, I called Clinic C and made an appointment. We will be meeting with Dr. Expert (lol, not his real name) on May 1st, almost 2 years to the day since we first met with Dr. Hope (also not his real name) at Clinic A.

I fedexed Clinic C all of my paperwork. It's just a little light reading for poor Dr. E!

They want me to come in for Day 2 bloodwork before I'm even officially a patient there. The receptionist told me that Dr. E feels it's very important that I have those labs at their clinic, even though I probably have 15 Day 2 or 3's from Clinic A. Very interesting!

So, although May 1st feels really far away (they will get us in sooner if they can, but, we have to wait until tax season is over so Glenn can go), I'm glad this next step is done and I'm greatly anticipating this appointment!


Michelle said...

I'm glad you got your records! wishing you tons of luck with Clinic C.

Ariella said...

Woo hoo for moving right along. I really hope you like clinic C and Dr E.

Dagny said...

OH! So jealous of you getting this far! I am still waiting, the eternal wait.

Good luck with your cycle!!!