Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This may be progress!

I had a bit of a meltdown tonight. OK, maybe more than a bit. The reason isn't important other than knowing that it had absolutely nothing to do with infertility. Nothing!

I had a sobbing...irrational stream of consciousness...disbelieving...ranting and raving...can't-catch-your-breath meltdown tonight and it wasn't about infertility! I am capable of getting upset at other things! I think this may be progress!

(By the way, I'm over it and better now.)


Dagny said...

Sometimes it's just good to get it out, not matter what the reason.

Glad you are feeling better!!!!!

Ariella said...

((laughing)) I bet it felt good to be upset about something other than IF.

Maryann said...

Have your melt down! That's ok. I'm glad though that it was something other than IF.

Oh, and good luck to you with the new clinic.

B said...

Just a lurker stopping by to say hi. Hope the meltdown has passed, but its a nice feeling when we passionate about other things isn't it?