Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Erev Hope

In Judaism, Erev means "evening" and refers to the evening of a holiday (technically, it's the evening the holiday begins, since Jewish holidays begin at sundown).

Tomorrow is a day of hope, so, tonight is Erev Hope.

First of all, tomorrow is our call with Dr. Brilliant at Clinic D (for those of you who have guessed what clinic this is, yes, you are right!). Being totally honest, I really don't have any expectations of this call. My problem isn't really anything fixable. There are only so many protocols that exist to try to stimulate the development of the limited number of eggs I have. Tomorrow is the day of hope because I truly hope that Dr. Brilliant surprises me and has something worth trying, but, I'm not expecting that. Ask me on Thursday and I may answer this different, but, for now, I feel ready for whatever he might say and I'm beginning to plan for what we'll do on the flip side of the call. But, we'll talk about that in a couple of days!

Tomorrow is also the day of hope because we found a house that we love and our offer is going in tomorrow! We'll see what happens, but, it took us so long to sell our townhouse and get to this point, so, I'm excited and, well, have hope!

So, stay tuned and I'll fill you in on how the call goes and WHEN (not IF - see, I'm being optimistic!) our offer is accepted!


Cassandra said...

It will be great if Chag Hope is one of the multi-day holidays. Maybe 7 days like Sukkot, or 8 like Pesach and Hanukkah. Or 7 weeks like Sefirat HaOmer!

It will be even better if Chag Hope also comes with special cookies like Purim.

Dagny said...

Good luck with the new Dr!!!


Sasha & Mark said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be hopeful for! Best wishes!!

Emily said...

Look at you with all your HOPE! I am happy for you. You certainly have a lot to be hopeful about.

Fingers crossed they accept your offer.

SOOOOO anxious to hear about the phone consult!