Thursday, April 2, 2009

Homonymic Phrase, i.e., will it ever mean anything different to me?!

hom-o-nym - a word the same as another in sound and spelling but different in meaning

It's funny how a word or phrase can mean something completely different, depending on your experiences.

If you don't know a lot of pregnant women, you might not realize that some women like to take frequent pictures, weekly, monthly, etc... of their full profile, to chronicle their pregnancy. And, as you may remember, many like to share those pictures!

So, I was reading a post this morning on a message board, written by someone who is pregnant with #2. She was saying that she can't believe how different this pregnancy is from her first and that, in this one, she's only done two belly shots, when she'd done so many more in her first pregnancy.

I swear, as I read that, I thought, "hmmm, I thought she had fairly easy pregnancies. I didn't know she had to take shots for anything." It probably took me a good 20 seconds before I realized she was referring to pictures of her growing tummy!

Sadly, the term "belly shots" has such a different meaning to me....


Christi said...

that's funny, very soon, you'll be taking your own belly PHOTO shots!!! come on embabies, we want you to grow, grow, grow!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

LOL @ shots! I'd like to second what Christi said! Come ON embies..grow grow grow!!!

Dagny said...


Ariella said...

And soon it is going to mean the picture kind for you 2!

Gina said...

LOL at belly shots! I'm right there with ya sister :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Even with your explanation I was thinking, why did she only have to have 2 shots? Oh!

Good luck 2ww!

Erica said...

terms defined by age:

belly shot: an alcoholic beverage sucked from the belly button

STD: something you don't want to get

IF: umm.. just if. as in "well if I can go on spring break"

RE: regarding

marriage aged:
belly shot #1: treatments directly injected

belly shot #2: pictures of pregnant belly

STD: save the date and/or short term disability

IF: infertility

RE: reproductive endocrinologist

things change huh?

I'm praying for you. grow babies grow!

Christi said...

thinking about you this morning! dropping by to see if any new updates, hang in there, sending you hugs and prayers!

Sian said...

LOL! Very good.