Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bedrest in the middle ages

So, I've been on bedrest for a week and a half now. And, honestly, it hasn't been awful, although I can't imagine how people do it for months! Then today happened. We lost our power around 6:30 this morning. That meant no TV, no phones (can't find the non-cordless phone), and no internet. Plus, because of the high BP induced headache, it was putting a little too much strain on my eyes to try to read, so, I couldn't do that, either. So, what did I do? I went back to sleep! Nice!!

Spoke to Glenn on my cell at 9. Checked email, etc... Around 10:00, I noticed that my cells (both personal and work) weren't working, either!!

So, I had no contact, whatsoever, with the outside world!!!! Thankfully, the power came back around 12:30. Whew!!!!

In other news, we had another false alarm this week. I saw the MFM on Tuesday for my weekly stress test and ultrasound. They had a very hard time keeping this kid on monitor and, when they got her, it seemed as if her heart rate was dropping very low. So, back over to the PET unit for monitoring I went. The doctor told me not to eat anything, thinking this would probably be it. And, why not?! I was 38 weeks exactly. My little monster was estimated to be 8lbs 11ozs! I'm still struggling with the blood pressure issues. And, now this. Just felt like time, right?!

Nope. They proceeded to hook me up and, for 2+ hours, the baby looked, as they put it, "gorgeous". So, once again, I was released on bedrest. Ugh!! I want this baby out of me!!!!

Yesterday, my BP was tracking high even when laying down. I had an OB appointment in the afternoon and the doctor didn't want to send me over for monitoring again, so, she decided to increase my meds a bit and I have to go back for a BP check tomorrow. It's still tracking on the higher side today, so, we'll see what happens. At this point, I'm just looking at my scheduled date of 12/9 and if they decide to deliver her sooner we'll just be very pleasantly surprised.

We are ALL so very ready!!!!! Oh, except for the baby, who seems to be very happy and content inside of me!


Michele said...

12/9 is almost here! I cant believe you are so close!!!

nishkanu said...

Hang in there, Lisa, it is not long now!! Great to hear the baby is happy, hope you can keep it up too until she decides she'd like to come out.

~Jess said...

I hope your little one either shows up quickly or things get a bit better for you for the next week...hang in there :-)